NRSL’s ICRA Paper for 2018

L.X. Fang, H. Chen, Y.J. Lou, Y.J. Li, and Y.H. Liu, “Visual Grasping for a Lightweight Aerial Manipulator Based on NSGA-II and Kinematic Compensation,” IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pp.1-6, 2018.


The grasping control of an aerial manipulator in practical environments is challenging due to its complex kinematics/dynamics and motion constraints. The paper introduces a lightweight aerial manipulator, combined with an X8 coaxial octocopter and a 4-DoF manipulator. To address the grasping control problem, we develop an efficient scheme containing trajectory generation, visual trajectory tracking and kinematic compensation. The NSGA-II method is utilized to implement the multi-objective optimization for the trajectory planning; the motion constraints and collision avoidance are also considered in the optimization. A kinematic compensation-based visual trajectory tracking is introduced to address the coupled affection between manipulator and UAV body, while no dynamic parameter calibration is needed. Finally, several experiments are performed to verify the stability and feasibility of the proposed approach.