NRSL飞行机械臂学术论文被SCI期刊Journal of Bionic Engineering选为封面论文

        SCI-JCR Q2 期刊,Journal of Bionic Engineering最新的一期2020卷 17 期 2,NRS实验室的关于飞行机械臂视觉伺服控制论文“Natural Feature-based Visual Servoing for Grasping Target with an Aerial Manipulator“被选为封面论文。

       论文摘要:Aerial transportation and manipulation have attracted increasing attention in the unmanned aerial vehicle field, and visual servoing methodology is widely used to achieve the autonomous aerial grasping of a target object. However, the existing marker-based solutions pose a challenge to the practical application of target grasping owing to the difficulty in attaching markers on targets. To address this problem, this study proposes a novel image-based visual servoing controller based on natural features instead of artificial markers. The natural features are extracted from the target images and further processed to provide servoing feature points. A six degree-of-freedom (6-DoF) aerial manipulator system is proposed with differential kinematics deduced to achieve aerial grasping. Furthermore, a controller is designed when the target object is outside a manipulator’s workspace by utilizing both the degrees-of-freedom of unmanned aerial vehicle and manipulator joints. Thereafter, a weight matrix is used as basis to develop a multi-tasking visual servoing framework to integrate the controllers inside and outside the manipulator’s workspace. Lastly, experimental results are provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed approach.